Let’s Be Number One In Public Education

State Rep. Scott Cepicky frequently asks a compelling question: Why can’t Tennessee be the number one state in the nation for public education? Great question. Why can’t we be number one in education in the nation? So many “education reformers” cling to the industrial age model of education. We need to use our imagination and [...]

Thanksgiving Blessings to You

Do we need a holiday to be thankful? Probably not. However, this year has been tough for so many people, and circumstances have been tremendously difficult. Even so, we all have much to be thankful for as individuals, as a state, and as a nation. Celebrating Thanksgiving is one manner of telling the world that [...]

On Being Transparent

It was Willie Nelson in “A Song for You” that talks about the price of fame.  Keep in mind, I am neither famous or wealthy, but I have always lived my life in the public eye.  So, people have watched me grow up and now I am growing old.  What have I learned? A lot.  [...]

Some People are Just Plain Mean

Beverly Flaxington, writing in Psychology Today, reports that “bullying is a fact of life for most school children – over 70% report they have witnessed some sort of bullying event at school. More than 80% of girls have been bullied at school or online, and close to that number for boys.” Bullying occurs everywhere, even [...]

Keeping Student Discipline on the Legislative Agenda

Lack of student discipline, inadequate administrative support, and lack of respect are frequently cited as reasons why teachers leave the teaching profession, often as much as low salary and poor working conditions. Too many policymakers yearn for a time that no longer exists and do not understand the reality of what our teachers face daily. [...]